Pandemic Property Tax Relief…

Certainly, the vaccines they are working on is a critical step, and allowing homeowners to defer taxes for awhile is a nice touch… Plus, a few more ideas that have been suggested by the governor are good… However this is all nibbling around the edges, with the exception of the vaccine which is crucial.

But if Gov. Newsom really wants to help Californians financially to pushback against the pandemic — why doesn’t he roll back Proposition 19 which limits the parent-to-child exclusion or exemption for middle class beneficiaries’ under Proposition 58… which waters down homeowners’ ability to avoid property tax reassessment; weakening parent to child transfer rights, our ability to transfer parents property taxes, when we’re inheriting property taxes from a mom or dad…

Point being, why weaken the only tax relief we have, with Proposition 19, in the midst of a Covid crisis? Residents need to be made more aware, by the state government, of all of the financial and tax reduction options that are out there for Californians… Such as the ability to get a trust loan from a trust lender, in conjunction with Proposition 58, to buyout a co-beneficiary when inheriting property from parents — and, most importantly, to establish a low Proposition 13 level property tax base, basically forever for an inherited home, for example from an established boutique financial company such as … Or Californians may not be aware that they can save a bundle every year from a property tax appeal… from a specialty company like Companies like this offer a free estate consultation or property tax evaluation.

Most folks struggling financially in a pandemic crisis don’t even know any of this! Proposition 13 or Prop 58, property tax relief details can be researched at blogs like and at the BOE state government site, at the more we know about the tax breaks and property tax reduction solutions we have access to, the better we’ll be able to fight back against the pandemic financial war that has us all in its’ grip.

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